Arthritis Programs

New to the Fitness Center is a program offered by the Arthritis Foundation which is called “A Program for Better Living” series.  This series consists of 4 basic programs: Walk with Ease, Tai Chi, Exercise Program and Aquatic Exercise.  We provide 3 of the 4 programs.  Becky Atkinson has been certified to lead a Walk with Ease Program, Exercise Program and Tai Chi Program.  These programs are all offered for FREE!!!
Walk with Ease program is a class structured to walking for better health, improved fitness and less pain associated with Arthritis.

Tai Chi also known as shadow boxing, is one of the major branches of the traditional Chinese martial arts.  It is a gentle exercise that has been proven to increase flexibility, muscular strenght and fitness, but also promotes correct body posture, integrating body and mind and improving Qi (a life energy which governs all functions of the body and is essential for health and vitality).2013 arthritis exercise 2

Exercise Program has been so successful.  The multiple components have help reduced pain and stiffness, and help maintain or improve mobility, muscle strenght and endurance.  Come and experience the fun the clients have each Monday, Tuesday & Thursday!!!